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That year,under armor basketball shoes went to the provincial capital when the unskilled laborer on construction sites. First came to the Under Armour Curry 2, but also on a sand site sky, my heart humble to the extreme,under armour curry 1 think I was a speck of dust in this city, is the owner failing to appreciate even invisible dust ......

One day at noon the work was done, the master took me to dinner, this is my first time to the hotel. Arrived in the hotel door, under armor basketball shoes found that phone at the work place, would perhaps occupy a place Under Armour Curry 2 go in, he went back to get the phone. I entered the restaurant, the waiter thought I was a maintenance man, and asked me to fix something? under armour curry 1 am a little shy, and said loudly, "eat." Waiter surprised a moment, and then he motioned for me to find a place to sit down.

Under armor basketball shoes wore dirty clothes and disproportionate here, and then look at other people dressed neatly dressed, I just know what to do.

I suddenly wanted to escape from here. Can master said, let under armour curry 1 advanced to occupy the place. He usually is very tough, uncompromising, and I had to find a place to sit down to the corner. The one I'm afraid of people come here to see us eat dirty, and secondly, Under Armour Curry 2 think the master took me to eat here, it is estimated will spend hundreds of dollars, not something good food, do not let people say that we shabby ʱ??